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Business Web Hosting

CoMaSys Web Hosting is operated from our own server park located in Denmark.
You get free support both via email and phone.

With our IT company web hosts you get:

  • Options of .NET, PHP and ASP Classic.
  • High uptime.
  • Fewer customers per server compared to other providers.
  • SSL at favorable prices.
  • Unlimited number of FTP accounts, websites and Email Aliases.
  • Unlimited number of MySQL Databases.
  • Unlimited number of domains.
  • Unlimited number of websites.
  • Free DNS hosting for all domains.

Low prices

We look at 3 parameters in the pricing of our web hotels for business. Space, Email Addresses, and Traffic.

The smallest web space consists of:

  • 1 Gigabyte of space for files and emails.
  • 5 Email addresses - unlimited number of aliases.
  • 10 gigabytes of traffic per month.

Contact us on tel. 70 269 267 or Write to us and hear more about our prices.

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