CoMaSys ApS General Terms and Conditions


Price changes will be notified at least 30 days in advance on our website (
However, as far as possible, CoMaSys will also inform about price increases via email.

In the event of VAT, tax changes or the like from public bodies or other third parties over which CoMaSys ApS has no influence, CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to change the prices with immediate effect.

Customer information

When trading with CoMaSys ApS, the customer informs the company of: name, address, email and phone number. This information is used for all forms of contact with the customer and the customer is responsible for ensuring that CoMaSys ApS always has the correct information.

The customer is also responsible for the inconveniences it may cause if certain information is incorrect.
All information will of course be treated confidentially and will not be passed on or sold to third parties.

Personal Information

All sensitive personal information provided to CoMaSys ApS will be stored in a state, secured as best as possible against unintentional and unauthorized access.

It is also restricted which persons at CoMaSys ApS can see this information.
The information will not be passed on to third parties unless this is required in connection with precise identification of the customer. Or unless lesser bodies require this.

The information is neither passed on nor sold in connection with marketing.


CoMaSys ApS provides the help and support provided under the specified conditions, applicable to the individual product. Unless otherwise stated or there are no specified terms and conditions in connection with a product, CoMaSys ApS provides free support to the extent that it is reasonable.

Should there be a need for support outside our regular phone time, this will always be charged according to the applicable price list.

If the need arises for support, in connection with a defect or operational disruption caused by CoMaSys ApS or an associated subcontractor, it is also free to use our support outside our normal opening hours. However, this free support will be limited to the individual defect / operational disruption, and the solution of this can in individual cases be postponed to normal opening hours.


When creating customer relationships, solutions are invoiced in advance. However, in connection with specifically stated, for example written offers, other payment solutions can be offered.

In the case of invoicing, a 5-day deadline is offered for objections to the invoiced item - after which the right of objection lapses and the demand for payment is maintained.

Upon payment, after the payment deadline stated on the invoice, CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to send out the 1st reminder letter with a reminder fee of DKK 100.

In the event of continued non-payment, a second reminder letter will be sent out, for which another reminder fee of DKK 100 will be charged.

When printing the 2nd reminder letter, CoMaSys reserves the right to close one or more of the services provided by CoMaSys. Reopening of services may then incur a fee.

If payment has still not taken place before the payment deadline stated on the 2nd Payment Reminder, CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to hand over the case for judicial collection.

If the amount is paid only partially or without reminder fees, without prior agreement with CoMaSys ApS, the payment of the invoice is considered to be in arrears and will thus follow the above procedure until the full amount has been paid.

Re-invoicing takes place automatically unless an agreement is terminated. Re-invoicing takes place with a payment deadline before the new period begins.

If unpaid invoices relate to hardware provided by CoMaSys, hardware that has not yet been paid in full is still considered CoMaSys property, which is why the customer is not allowed to pledge or resell this hardware.

Right of withdrawal

You do not have the right of withdrawal on ordered domains and telephone numbers as these are unique products purchased at your request.

However, you can cancel your purchase of web hotel and horizontal services via the internet (not special orders or procured goods) for up to 14 days after the order date, after which your order is binding (Chapter 4 §12 of the Consumer Contracts Act - right of withdrawal in the case of distance selling).

B2B services and products, sold by prior agreement, and are not covered by the right of return and right of withdrawal.


Enhver aftale kan opsiges med mindst en fuld kalendermåneds varsel til udgangen af en betalt periode.
(eksempelvis for en aftale der løber fra 1 april til 1 juli – er opsigelsesfrist 31. maj for at undgå yderligere fakturering).

Without notice, the agreement is automatically re-invoiced for the period selected on the agreement. The agreement is re-invoiced only after the notice period has expired.


For operational and safety reasons, CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to limit and / or restrict application possibilities in cases where this may affect operation and safety. CoMaSys ApS reserves the right at any time to obtain access to the customer's data which is located at CoMaSys ApS. All knowledge of data will be treated confidentially. Should access to a customer's data be impossible, or inappropriately cumbersome, CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to close / disconnect / deactivate the customer's product or service if this is deemed necessary to ensure operational stability.

Any other form of access to the customer's data requires a customer acceptance or a court order, both for CoMaSys ApS and / or any other body.

Content / Use

There are no restrictions from CoMaSys on what a product or service provided by CoMaSys may be used for or contain. However, we require that content and use comply with current Danish legislation. And that all applicable legislation in any other countries of use is complied with.

It is at all times the customer's duty and responsibility that content and use of services and products provided by CoMaSys comply with applicable laws, and failure to do so, whether knowingly or unknowingly, may result in termination of service or service without compensation.


CoMaSys ApS assumes no responsibility for loss of data and software, operational disruptions or lack of access to the Internet / information, lost earnings and the like, in connection with the use of CoMaSys ApS subscription, service or service.

CoMaSys ApS assumes no responsibility for this regardless of what conditions it is due to, for example system breakdowns and other conditions both at and outside CoMaSys ApS, force majeure, strikes and lock-outs. Furthermore, CoMaSys ApS assumes no responsibility for unauthorized access to data.

Any claim to CoMaSys ApS for compensation can never exceed the price of the product or service purchased from CoMaSys ApS.


Disputes and doubts that arise between the customer and CoMaSys ApS, and which must be decided by a court, must take place in court in Odense, Denmark.

Change of terms

All customer and payment terms can be changed by CoMaSys ApS with 30 days notice.

CoMaSys ApS reserves the right to change customer and payment terms with immediate effect if the change is due to circumstances over which CoMaSys ApS has no influence, such as legislative changes.

All material and information belonging to CoMaSys ApS may only be used or copied with special permission from CoMaSys ApS and against express reference.

All prices mentioned in our terms and conditions are excl. VAT. unless otherwise stated.

Reservations are made for typing and printing errors.

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