Window cleaning system

Acronis Backup in the cloud
Window cleaner system - customer system for window cleaners

Full customer database

Get an overview of all your customers, both with history and important information. Repeat shops and one-time shops can be set up

Simple invoicing

DoWipeIT sends information to your financial system so that things do not have to be entered manually. 

Targeted to your store

The system makes everything from worksheets, mailbox notes and then keeps track of commission rates

Overview of sales

Statistics are needed to navigate a competitive market - DoWipeT helps you get an overview

We know you will be satisfied…

No notice period. If, unexpectedly, you want to stop, you will not receive any more bills

We help with the transfer of your customer database, so there are no manual entries in that connection

Become part of the system that in the future will develop with input continuously from customers

See DoWipeIT help videos

We have recorded a number of help videos to get off to a good start as a customer. It can also be useful if some features just need to be refreshed.

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