Virtual server

Private Virtual Server

At our IT company in Odense, we have many years of experience with server operation and also offer professional virtual servers in a secure and flexible environment

Virtual servers

Our server cluster is located in a state-of-the-art data center, in Denmark, with full focus on redundancy, uptime and performance.

Our virtual servers can run on SSD disks and regular disks of your choice, and we make sure to always have extra resources available.
It is therefore always possible to get extra power for the server.

The selected VPS can be adjusted in performance as desired. So it is possible to upgrade the server in a period where you expect additional consumption, and thus only pay extra for the period you have extra resources available.

With our virtual server you get:


An Uptime Guarantee of 99.7%, on network and server clusters as well as virtual machines.


Possible to connect with ISDN, FrameRelay or Fiberlines directly to the servers.


Located in state-of-the-art server location.


Backup and redundancy on both power, internet, network and equipment.


1 Gigabit redundant connection to the Internet.


Secure server location with 24 hour staffing.