Hosted Exchange

An indispensable tool

Access your email, calendar and contacts in an efficient and professional way - across devices

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is an indispensable tool for the company that wants to streamline its communication in a professional way.

It allows you and your colleagues to sync and share your emails, contacts and calendars with each other and across your various devices such as your mobile phone, tablet, work computer and home PC.

If you only have access to the Internet, you will also be able to access your e-mails, notes and calendar from any location with our webmail.

With Hosted Exchange, you can create a personal mailbox and email address for all your employees.
And shared folders and accounts are possible.


The email addresses will also include your domain name, so your customers will never be in doubt about who an email is coming from.

There are no restrictions and you can choose and continuously adjust how many accounts you need and how much space they each need.

We make sure to catch spam and viruses with an integrated spam filter.
In addition, the solution includes automatic backup, which is stored in our modern and highly secure data center, which is also responsible for hosting your solution.

This way, you will never lose your data or emails simply because your phone or computer crashes.
If the phone is set to store contacts in the exchange account, all contacts are automatically restored when you get a new phone.

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