DoTruckIT Fleet Management System

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Send route to GPS

The route is planned in the office. Next, the driver's GPS is updated immediately via the app. Also if an extra collection comes in during the day.


The system can be supplemented with pallet hotel, so that there is control over pallet locations and prices.

Data for your financial system

The entire order management ends up in data, which is for example forwarded to e-conomic for further invoicing. This saves a lot of time.

The total overview

You can see where the trucks are on a map and their status. Drivers can change their status via GPS so the office knows what's going on.

Time costs money!

It is about streamlining operations and being flexible in a market that is constantly changing.


Fleet management system with the features you want
Tailor-made fleet management system with many options

Are you a haulier? Then you can probably nod in recognition of how time consuming the administrative work is. We have that CoMaSys in Odense a solution to. We offer the smart fleet management system DoTruckIt.

The program has been developed over a long period of time in collaboration with a transport company. This means that functions have been created that solve the problems and needs that companies in the transport sector encounter on a daily basis.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is Fleet Management?

In short, fleet management is the management of a number of vehicles that e.g. used for transport of goods etc. The control itself consists of a combination of software and GPS as in interaction that creates the chrome-plated overview and optimal management and operation of the fleet.

What does fleet management cost?

Prices vary depending on how many cars you have in the fleet. To accommodate hauliers of various sizes, we have put together 5 subscription solutions for fleet management at a good monthly price from only DKK 995 excl. creation.

Need fleet management? Smart GPS fleet management with route planning

Part of planning and optimizing the execution, collection and delivery of orders is to have a good overview.

In this fleet management software and system, there is a map viewer that shows all the cars in real time. It gives you an extra good overview. In those situations where an order suddenly ticks in, you can actually in some cases process the order the same day. You can see where the driver is, put the order on, and the driver will then be notified of the extra order via the tablet when he arrives at the collection point.

Fleet management system which optimizes everyday life with smart control of trucks and cars

The advantages for the office are that there is control over the customers, the orders and the trips of the cars. This keeps track of the shipments into which the trips are divided.

For the drivers, with the included tablet, there are no problems in making the necessary registrations. Incidentally, these enter the system immediately and can be invoiced immediately.

Put your route planning in a system and get the perfect route optimization

To get the most out of the trips and the capacity of the cars, we know that the optimal is route planning with several stops. This gives DoTruckIT ample opportunity. With this route planning program, it's all very easy. When you receive an order, enter it or import it. Then it is easy to plan and price automatically based on the calculation methods. Driving licenses, the planning for the journey and the accounts are then all linked to the individual order. This allows you to easily and quickly process your company's many orders.

Plan route with many stops - easily with our route planner for truck

The trips can be easily arranged in the specially developed drag and drop system. In this way, it is easy and user-friendly to distribute the trips on the cars and the dates. At the same time, drivers can immediately see the shipments out in the cars.

This means that you can make full use of the capacities in your fleet, and at the same time increase earnings on the trips you already have. Instead of accessing complicated route calculators for trucks, here you get an easy system for your trucks' route planning.

Contact us to hear more about our fleet management system - try it for free for 30 days

Are you interested in hearing more about the DoTruckIt fleet management system and how it can optimize your business? We are happy to make a presentation of the product for you, and tell you more about all the exciting features in the program. Call us on tel. 70 269 26 or fill out the contact form on this page. Remember you can try it for free for 30 days before you pay.


We know you will be satisfied…

Customer database with all necessary information that you need in everyday life

First test the system for 30 days before paying.

Map showing where your trucks are "Live"

Flexible system that allows you to "squeeze" an extra collection point up even if the route has begun

Full order system with all important details

Individual calculation models ensure correct prices when invoicing

See the prices - click here

So what are you waiting for?

The system is Danish

It is made in collaboration with a freight company, so we ensure all necessary functions.

Installation is easy

The system does not need to be installed but works on all computers via a browser.

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