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WordPress Update Subscription

An outdated website costs customers and revenue.
- and if it is difficult to update, it only lags further behind!

product Declaration 
EID# 045-009-100-01 

The product 

With WordPress update subscription: you are assured that your WordPress installation is up to date. How often this happens depends on the solution chosen, but WordPress security updates will always be installed as soon as possible. 

There will also be plugin updates for the used plugins and themes, because if the features change, the developers of plugins and themes follow. If not there will be an update that is plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress, then it may be necessary to uninstall this plugin. 

Whether another plugin should be found instead, or the task can be solved in another way depends on which function plugin is performing. But in any case, we will contact you. Because we have to agree on what is to happen before we make any changes beyond what is included in the subscription. 

We check both before and after the plugin updates if everything works as it should, to the extent to which we have the knowledge and opportunity. For major updates, we will typically also test on a test server before implementing updates on a live website. 

Sometimes, you find out that a WordPress update actually contains an error - and then you are left with a website that no longer works. There is no problem with that this updatesubscription. We simply load the latest backup (from the same day) and then your site is back to the way it was before the update was loaded. 

Price for establishing WordPress update subscription:.             0.00 Kr. per PCS. 
Monthly operation 

Basis            150.00 Kr. per month. 

  • Monthly plugin / theme update 
  • Test of 2 known functions 
  • Daily automated installation of WordPress security updates 

extended            300.00 Kr. per month. 

  • 14 days plugin / theme update 
  • Test of 3 known functions 
  • Daily automated installation of WordPress security updates 

Premium            450.00 Kr. per month. 

  • Weekly plugin / theme update 
  • Test of 4 known functions 
  • Daily automated installation of WordPress security updates 

Additional services 
Test of additional function                                 50.00 Kr. per walk. 


All prices are ex. VAT. 

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