WP Web hosting

WordPress web hosting



product Declaration 
EID# 045-008-211-02 

The product 
WordPress Web hosting with the specifications: 

  • 10 GB space for files and emails 
  • 10 Email Addresses 
  • 25 GB traffic per month 
  • The web host supports PHP and MySQL.


Price for creating web hotel             0.00 Kr. per PCS. 
Monthly operation 
By web hotel                                           150.00 Kr. per PCS. 

Additional services 
10 GB extra space on server.                 50.00 Kr. per month. 
10 GB extra traffic per month.              50.00 Kr. per month. 
1 Additional email address.                            5.00 Kr. per month. 
Dedicated server (50GB space, 2 CPU, 8GB Ram and 100GB traffic.) DKK 995.00. per. month. 


All prices are ex. VAT. 




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