Firewalls on a whole new level - Firewall-as-a-Service

Next Generation Firewalls - groundbreaking concept within Firewalls

Barracuda F-series - a groundbreaking concept within Firewalls. These Firewalls offer antivirus and everything you need in security and central control - at no extra cost.

Next-Generation Firewalls take Cloud Firewalls to a whole new level by optimizing the distributed network. They can cover unimaginable amounts of locations and applications, while connecting local and cloud-based infrastructures.

- A solution that is guaranteed to take your company to a new, higher level.

With NG Firewall-as-a-service through CoMaSys, all services are included in the price.

NG Firewall-as-a-service includes: Hardware box · Installation · Configuration


Free support by email and phone is included.


There is free change of hardware in case of failure - incl. hourly wage and configuration.


Our IT company in Odense, always has an extra firewall in stock, and can make quick replacements.

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